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Review autotest-per-patch #124166 lib/event: Display the Power Governor details refs/changes/85/23485/2 (cc924be) 0:04:47s Test Failure
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Prologue SUCCESS 0:01:00s
Pre tests FAILED 0:02:37s
Tests UNSTABLE 0:00:00s
Autorun Post and Coverage FAILED 0:00:02s
Epilogue SUCCESS 0:01:04s
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check-so-deps-docker-autotest #23835 spdk-sm-26 (e730ac1374ba@autotest_23835-4784) Fedora Linux 38 6.7.0-68.fc38.x86_64 Test Failure 0:02:31s
build-files-docker-autotest #23829 spdk-SM-30 (d3ad64a79882@autotest_23829-4785) Fedora Linux 38 6.1.14-200.fc37.x86_64 Pass 0:02:17s
check-format-docker-autotest #23840 spdk-SM-32 (1ed8d92c0fc4@autotest_23840-4786) Fedora Linux 38 6.1.14-200.fc37.x86_64 Pass 0:00:46s
doc-docker-autotest #24030 spdk-sm-25 (aface476d0bc@autotest_24030-4787) Fedora Linux 38 6.7.0-68.fc38.x86_64 Pass 0:00:34s