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Has Merge Conflict
Number Author Title
16615 Ben Walker nvmf/tcp: Stop using common nvme_tcp_read_* functions
17468 Ben Walker nvme/tcp: Move socket-reading functions from nvme_tcp.h to nvme_tcp.c
17470 Ben Walker nvme/tcp: Change signature of nvme_tcp_read_* to take the qpair
17474 Ben Walker nvme/tcp: Attempt to use provided buffers to receive large amounts of data
18137 Ben Walker nvme/tcp: Rework nvme_tcp_read_data
23207 Ben Walker accel: Automatically merge CRC + COPY operations
Number Author Title Blocked By
21805 Michal Berger test/check_so_deps: Simplify check_header_filenames() 21876 autopackage: Replace SPDK_TEST_RELEASE_BUILD with SPDK_TEST_PACKAGING (Michal Berger)
22142 lcq lib/event: framework_get_reactors supports getting pid and tid 23389 lib/env_dpdk: add spdk_get_tid function (lcq)
23145 Seung yeon Shin test/scheduler: Add a system level test for the core isolation of the scheduler 23156 lib/event: Add support for core isolation in scheduling (Seung yeon Shin)
23146 Seung yeon Shin test/unit: Add unit test for the new core parameter of framework_set_scheduler RPC 23156 lib/event: Add support for core isolation in scheduling (Seung yeon Shin)
23309 Ben Walker rpc: Vary JSON-RPC server poll rate based on activity 23308 rpc: spdk_rpc_accept now reports busy information (Ben Walker)
Has a -1
Number Author Title
Needs Another +2
Number Author Title Reviewed-By
17267 Michal Berger pkgdep/debian: Handle PEP 668 Jim Harris
18494 Ben Walker sock/posix: Correctly mark socket drained when receiving without the pipe Jim Harris
22514 Tomasz Zawadzki example/hello_sock: reduce spdk_sock_recv() logs on errors Jim Harris
23082 Michal Berger scripts/pkgdep: Add pkg-config package to {rhel,debian}-based distros Jim Harris
23156 Seung yeon Shin lib/event: Add support for core isolation in scheduling Jim Harris
23351 Krzysztof Karas remove submodule init and configure Jim Harris
23382 Jim Harris event: deinit old scheduler before init'ing new one Konrad Sztyber
23389 lcq lib/env_dpdk: add spdk_get_tid function Shuhei Matsumoto
Eligible For Merge
Number Author Title Age
18339 Ben Walker sock/uring: All socks added to the same group must have the same pipe strategy 363 days, 2:48:39.473956
22953 Michal Berger pkgdep/helpers: Move helper functions to dedicated 5 days, 18:18:33.473518
23189 Nathan Claudel vbdev_error: decrement error_num atomically 13 days, 17:22:04.472544
23261 Jim Harris event: do not call reactor events from spdk_thread context 1 day, 8:47:24.473136
23401 Ankit Kumar nvmf: cleanup maximum number of subsystem namespace remanent code 5 days, 11:39:57.472785