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Has Merge Conflict
Number Author Title
2997Ziye Yanguring: Remove the unnecessary iov array copy.
5154Roman Penyaevthread: do thread_poll regardless interrupt mode
5155Roman Penyaevfd_group: fix errno
5156Roman Penyaevfd_group: don't fail epoll_wait() if no fd descriptors added
7781Ben Walkernvmf/tcp: Move recv_state setting up to nvmf_tcp_pdu_payload_handle
7782Ben Walkernvmf/tcp: Inline nvmf_tcp_h2c_term_req_handle
7783Ben Walkernvmf/tcp: Inline nvmf_tcp_h2c_term_req_dump
8772Chengqiang Mengunittest/accel_engine: Test for spdk_accel_batch_submit
Number Author Title Blocked By
6491Tomasz Zawadzkibuild/dpdk: allow SPDK static builds on DPDK shared libs6685 test/common: move all LIB paths to (Tomasz Zawadzki)
8389Michal Bergerrpmbuild: Add routine for generating a standalone rpm .spec8388 autopackage: Test RPM build against RPMed DPDK (Michal Berger)
9162Aleksey Marchukperf: Align output of transport statistics9278 nvme_tcp: Check return value of spdk_sock_group_poll (Aleksey Marchuk)
9183Michal Bergerpkgdep/git: Bump fio to 3.279513 pkgdep/git: Add install support for lcov (Michal Berger)
9391Jim fix JSON-RPC doc checks9390 only use dashes in argument names (Jim Harris)
Has a -1
Number Author Title
5154Roman Penyaevthread: do thread_poll regardless interrupt mode
8567Eugene Kochetovbdev: Fail nvme passthru command if not supported by bdev
8772Chengqiang Mengunittest/accel_engine: Test for spdk_accel_batch_submit
Needs Another +2
Number Author Title Reviewed-By
6473Paul Lusetest/accel: add UT for test_spdk_accel_submit_copy()Aleksey Marchuk
7013Paul Luselib/accel: rework UT for code reuseAleksey Marchuk
8119Shuhei Matsumotobdev/nvme: Aggregate multiple ctrlrs into a single bdev ctrlrBen Walker
8619Konrad Sztybernvme: asynchronously disable the controller during initBen Walker
8620Konrad Sztybernvme: enable the controller asynchronouslyJim Harris
8621Konrad Sztybernvme: asynchronously wait for the controller to be enabledJim Harris
8622Konrad Sztybernvme: use saved CC register value when creating IO qpairsJim Harris
9173Changpeng Liunvmf/vfio-user: disable shared IO CQ caseBen Walker
9285Monica Kenguvatest/accel: add UT for test_spdk_accel_submit_dualcast()Aleksey Marchuk
9310Konrad Sztybernvme: disable keep-alive during controller resetJim Harris
9323Konrad Sztybernvme: rename nvme_qpair_abort_reqs to *_with_cbargJim Harris
9350Changpeng Liunvmf/vfio-user: use a list for connected queue pairsJim Harris
9356JiangMaoxtest/nvmf/transport: cases for creating polling groupChangpeng Liu
9377GangCaoSCSI: add the RPC method to set the max LUNsChangpeng Liu
9398Ziye Yangexamples/idxd: Add the perf tool for idxdChangpeng Liu
9515Shuhei Matsumotobdev/nvme: Reset the nvme_ctrlr if an I/O qpair is disconnectedBen Walker
Eligible For Merge
Number Author Title Age
8124Shuhei Matsumotobdev/nvme: Poll group manages ctrlr channels for qpair disconnect03d19h
8295Michal Bergertest/ftl: Use emulated zoned devices instead of ocssd05d02h
9195Shuhei Matsumotobdev/nvme: Get ctrlr from ctrlr_channel by spdk_io_channel_get_io_device()04d17h
9333Shuhei Matsumotout/bdev_nvme: Copy probe_ctx->opts to ctrlr->opts04d17h
9446Konrad Sztyberut/rpc: mock out system calls11d02h
9450Paul Luseidxd: move header file to include dir11d01h
9500Michal Bergerscripts/pkgdep: Add Software Collections repo to centos705d02h
9514Andreas Economidesnvmf/vfio-user: fix SQ race condition04d00h
9522Michal Bergerdoc: Add page describing OS distros used by the CI03d10h